Support the unbeatable spirit – join us to build the world’s biggest and most impactful sports club!
 110 million. The number of people currently fleeing from war and oppression globally, in search of safety and a better future.
50%. The share of refugees that are under 18 years old.

17 years. The average time refugees spend living in camps.


In refugee camps, opportunities are scarce, frustration and boredom set in and the potential of people can be easily wasted.
KLABU gives access to sport in refugee camps to spark dreams, pride and joy and help build a brighter future beyond just survival.
Access to sport can provide hope and opportunity as well as a sense of community for people rebuilding their lives. Join this community by supporting the KLABU!

KLABU’s model

KLABU is a unique combination of a brand and a foundation. The foundation builds the projects in the camps and the brand creates awareness around them by building a large club of supporters. Its profits also contribute directly to maintaining the KLABU sports projects around the world. This gives them a level of independence to become a healthy organisation with long-term impact.

How you can support KLABU?

Option 1: Donate now to support KLABU’s cycling projects for refugees in the Netherlands. Given the importance of cycling in Dutch culture and society, we aim to raise funds to purchase bicycles for KLABU’s sports clubhouse. The funds will also be used to provide cycling training and education