Solo bike ride from Amsterdam to the World Cup in Qatar

My name is Laurens Jagt and I am biking from Amsterdam to Qatar. And I am bringing a football along with me. At the end of my biking journey, I want to give this football to the Dutch national football team, just before they kick-off the WorldCup Football in Qatar.

I want to showcase the beauty of all the places I will visit, but most of all, I want to showcase the beauty of the people I will meet along the way. I truly believe people unite through sports. KLABU, the NGO I am fundraising for, believes exactly the same.

It’s time to re-unite, it’s time for Bike 2 Unite!

From Amsterdam …

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, my home town and biking capital of the world, and the city with more bicycles than habitants. The perfect place to start the Bike2Unite journey.

… To Qatar

Biking in 10 different countries and covering close to 5500 km. The last bit of the route (from Teheran to Qatar) I will have to do by plane.

The Ball

My Brazilians friend gave me this ‘vutvollei’ ball a coupe of years ago. They told me “wherever you go, bring this ball along. Then you will meet a lot of great people’. And it is true!

The Bike

Supporting the Dutch football team, departing from the Dutch capital, fundraising for a Dutch NGO… So I wanted to do this on a Dutch bike. And with the Dutch colours: ORANGE


KLABU is a Dutch NGO that I am fundraising for. Why? They uses the power of sport to spark joy and pride in refugee camps and reignite the unbeatable spirit of refugees. Join the KLABU to build the world’s biggest and most impactful sports club!

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